Versoix Clean-up Hike – 13 October

Troop 77 set off from CDL to go on a clean-up hike around Versoix. We set off from CDL car park in patrols and soon entered Versoix woods. The scenery in the forest was incredible with all of the autumn leaves. Thankfully there was not too much litter. We did find a tyre and a half of a car under a motorway bridge though! Our first waypoint was the Richelien Pond where we stopped for water and a snack. The next stop was the Cabane des Bûcherons in Versoix Woods. Here we stopped off for lunch and hot chocolate and the Scouts taught skills. Our senior Scouts taught the newer scouts how to make a fire, how to tie knots and lashings, orientation and navigation, first aid and packing one’s backpack properly. It was a great day out and good job by all scouts of Troop 77. In the end each group had collected about a bag and a half of rubbish!