What we do

When it comes to what we do, we’re proud to say that we’re way past the “recruiting hype”.
This troop DOES! For example:

Other trips we’ve done :

  • 7-day canoe trip / 50 mile excursion down the Allier River
  • A week of sailing in the Med
  • Fishing and fly-fishing on local lakes and rivers
  • Shoot rifles and shotguns
  • 150 mile bike hikes in Holland
  • Two weeks at the Swiss Camporee (MOVA/BULA)
  • A weekend at Intercamp in Germany
  • Radio Interviews on WRS

We do not limit the level of “adventure” the youth want to have. Scouting is a SCOUT-LED program. The SCOUTS decide what we do, and strong, trained, committed adults help them achieve their goals. 

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What do YOU want to do?