Please find below our Leaders:


Senior Patrol Leader: Natalie
Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders: Louis
Cobras: Hugo (PL) and Aatos (APL)
Marmottes: Melanie (PL) and Poppy (APL)
Bisons: Oscar W (PL) and Nima (APL)
Vikings: Seb (PL) and Amith (APL)
Pandas: Elia (PL) and Ankith (APL)
Bonfires: N/A
Quartermaster: Max & Eva
Scribe: Elio
Webmaster: Tom
Librarian: TBC
Chaplain’s Aid: Folu
Outdoor Ethics Guide: Max
Historian: Lili
Buglar: TBC
Troop Guides: Bella, Ben and Benjamin
Troop Instructor: Luke


Vincent L and Christer M, Scoutmaster Boys
Sophie C, Scoutmaster Girls
Colin F, Ekaterina D, Alex M, Mark B, Assistant Scoutmasters


Dan M, Chair
Michelle W, Treasurer
Jeff L, Secretary/Document Controller
Mirjam B, New Member Coordinator & Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator
TBC, Event Coordinator
Rajesh P, Board of Review Coordinator
Alexandra B, Fundraising Coordinator
Alexandra M, Equipment Coordinator
Cass B, Merit Badge Counselor
Lorna B, Advancement Coordinator & Troop 130 & Pack 130 Liaison

Merit Badge Counselors:

Alex B, Cass, Chad, Christer, Colin, Ekaterina, Irene, Marc N, Mark B, Michelle, Vincent, Randall, Rory, Sophie

To be a named Committee Member or Merit Badge counselor, an adult application form must be submitted and the Youth Protection Training must be done.