Please find below our Leaders:


Senior Patrol Leader: Ben L
Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders: Hugo and Bella
Cobras: Miles (PL) and Lauri (APL)
Marmottes: Lili (PL) and Eva (APL)
Bisons: Leon (PL) and Toni (APL)
Vikings: Max (PL) and Seb B (APL)
Pandas: Joan (PL) and Luke (APL)
Bonfires: Amy (PL) and Cerise (PL)
Scribe: Magdalena
Webmaster: Ankith
Librarian: Oscar
Chaplain’s Aid: Luke
Outdoor Ethics Guide: Torsten
Troop Guide: TBC
Den Chief: Hugo


Chad R, Scoutmaster Boys
Sophie C, Scoutmaster Girls
Christer M, Colin F, Ekaterina D, Irene M, Mark B, Vincent L – Assistant Scoutmasters


Michelle W, Chair
Rory M, Treasurer
Jeff L, Document Controller
Verica I, New Member Coordinator
Daniel M, Event Coordinator
Ed R, Board of Review Coordinator
Alexandra B, Fundraising Coordinator
Alexandra M, Equipment Coordinator
Cass B, Merit Badge Counselor
Lorna B, Pack 130 Liaison

Merit Badge Counselors:

Alex B, Cass, Chad, Christer, Colin, Ekaterina, Irene, Marc N, Mark B, Michelle, Vincent, Randall, Rory, Sophie

To be a named Committee Member or Merit Badge counselor, an adult application form must be submitted and the Youth Protection Training must be done.