November 2023 – Thanksgiving Weekend

Every year we do a Thanksgiving celebration in the Jura mountains. It feels special as we were at this special weekend away with family and friends. What I found the most fun was playing football in the gym with friends, and my sister loved the food, and the walk because it was so beautiful to be outside so early.

Day 1: 25 November
First we get to the chalet and unpacked our bags and get our beds ready. Then we get our sports gear on and go to the gym to play some games like football, hockey and multisports. We went back for a little break before going to the swimming pool. We did some laps, relay races and some lifesaving skills. Then we got to play for a little bit in the pool before going back to the chalet, where we played some ping pong and football. Some of us worked on merit badges like the historic trail and citizenship in the nation. And we prepared the food we made for Thanksgiving supper. One of our scout masters worked on the turkeys and different scouts cooked different things for example stew and sausages. After we ate a few scouts performed a funny scout song and then we went to bed.

Day 2: 26 November
The next day we woke up early and we went downstairs to have breakfast. We went on a walk, which was amazing. IIt was at sunrise in winter wonderland. We went back to the chalet and we had to pack up. Once packed up we said our goodbyes and we left in different directions. Some of us going to Switzerland and others to France.

It was a very lovely weekend.

Max M. (Life)