December 2023 – Court of Honour

This is when we celebrate the scouts and our achievements over the last 6 months. It took place at Emmanuel Church in Geneva (our chartered organisation). When everyone arrived we all sat down in patrols, parents at the front and scouts at the back. 
We began with flags which I led, followed by the scout oath. Then the scout law which was accompanied by a candle ceremony for the first time. After that, we did a review of the past year of scouting events, which was nice as it brought back memories of the fun times we had together.

Then the Reverend Rusk of Emanuel Church presented a small speech about the troop. Then we were presented with all the badges and ranks that we earned through the past year and our parents got a chance to take a photo of us with our achievements. When I got my rank and badges I felt really proud of myself because I managed to get the second hardest rank that scouts can achieve in scouting and that means a lot to me.

After the ceremony, we went upstairs to have some fun. Afterward, we played a Dutch game. It involves presents and you never know what you are going to get. I thought it was a fun experience. Then we had 30 pizzas so everyone could have a few slices.

Here you can see an overview of our adventures from June to December 2023 as presented during our Court of Honour:

Max M. (Life)