FAQ – After Scouts BSA

What can a Scout do after Scouts BSA or achieving Eagle?

Despite its 100+ year old heritage, Scouting is a “constantly evolving” program. 

One of the things National BSA realized over the last few years is the need to offer “High Adventure” activities to retain those Scouts who find high school, jobs, sports, etc. competing for their time. 

“High Adventure” units are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to cater to older scouts who are grouped together in their own patrol, so they can take on the “high adventure” activities while maintaining the patrol unity (again, supporting why Patrols should not have mixed-ages of boys or girls).

High Adventure groups can be “Venturing Patrols” (a patrol within a troop), or a separately chartered unit known as a “Venturing Crew”. 

Venture Crews (age 14 to 20) can be co-ed, providing both male and female leaders are registered and present.